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Find out more!

The best time to plan your company's future is now! In previous articles, we wrote about interesting ideas for business events and about our strengths. The first part of the interview with Agnieszka Bloch - our sales specialist was also published. This time, the second part of our conversation awaits you, from which you will find out what makes the event a success and what surprises can happen during the conference, and much more! Read online without leaving your home and get inspired to organize a fantastic event.
Do you approach all events in a similar way? In our hotel, we organize various events: training sessions, workshops, nice meetings such as courses and conferences for management, but also large conferences or employee integration. Many tourist groups also come to us. Every event is different. We can assume that trainings or workshops have similar assumptions, and larger conferences have theirs. What do you think makes the conference successful? It depends on many aspects, all of them closely related to each other. As a hotel, we have no influence on the conference program, its topics or lecturers. However, we have an influence on how each participant crossing the threshold of our hotel will feel with us. We have to take care of every detail! How? There is only one first impression. Therefore, from the moment the guest enters the hotel, we are responsible for the right atmosphere - from welcoming at the reception to the polite and smiling service. Even "regular" coffee can taste great when brewed and served with attention to detail. A stylish and interesting place and professional service are able to compensate for any shortcomings, should they appear. What gives you the greatest satisfaction? Working in a hotel has become my passion and probably every contract signed, every successful implementation is a source of satisfaction. Interesting conversations or new acquaintances bring a lot not only to my professional life, but also to my personal path. Are there any difficult situations? Of course they do. Sometimes equipment fails, such as a regular cable that was in use a minute before takeoff - suddenly it does not work, and a working microphone does not work. The stress is enormous then, but I like it when the organizer or even the lecturer himself helps us to relieve tension. This is a big support. Each event requires teamwork. We all have to act as a team of surgeons in an operation. This may not be a perfect comparison, but my point is that in a well-coordinated team it is easier to deal with difficult situations and solve problems faster. Can you tell about one of these problems? It happened to me that I ran to our office on the 5th floor for a long HDMI cable for an upcoming conference. Unfortunately, when I got into the elevator ... I didn't take the cable with me. Completely unaware I pressed the "0" button. The door closed and I, busy winding the cord, only felt it slip out of my hands and saw that the plug was blocking the elevator. I was stuck in it for a good 20 minutes! Fortunately, there was a lot of time before the conference started, so no one even realized that something had happened. If you were to organize a business event yourself, what would it be? In the future, I would like to organize an open door for business in the hotel. We will then prepare all rooms - each in a different arrangement, and our buffets, which will provide the opportunity to present coffee breaks. We will also carry out a tasting of the lunch offer and competitions with prizes: vouchers for stay and restaurant, and discount coupons for room rental. This is an event thanks to which we will have the opportunity to present ourselves in all its glory here, on the local market, as well as meet our native entrepreneurs in a great atmosphere! What trends do you observe among event organizers? More and more often, our clients begin to diversify their meetings with various catering. There are more questions about fit breaks or veg meals. Of course, we meet these expectations and help to create a menu ideally suited to your needs. What would you like to advise the conference organizers? Greater openness to innovative solutions. Sometimes the logistics of our rooms do not allow the use of a standard layout, but we have several original solutions that work perfectly. But here I must emphasize that there are also clients who have their own amazing offers - ones that I would not have thought of myself! I use their ideas in subsequent events :) As I mentioned, each event is an opportunity to gain new experiences. I try to view everything as a minor success and my glass is always half full. If you have questions, want to consult your ideas or simply ask for a free date - contact Agnieszka! He will be happy to help you dispel all your doubts, as well as choose the right date and plan a unique event. Email us: | Thanks for being with us!

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