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A romantic place in Szczecin

Romantic places in Szczecin

What is captivating in Szczecin? First of all, clean air, water and greenery. Szczecin is a city where instead of traffic jams and smog we will encounter numerous parks, forests, water reservoirs and even ...
The central cemetery is one of the places worth bringing your other half to when the Oder Boulevards seem too crowded. You don't have to be afraid of going out on a date in the evenings, because Szczecin, despite being a big city, is one of the safer in our country. Public transport also works well in it, so you can get everywhere on time, but where is it worth going on a romantic date in Szczecin? An open-air date Rusałka is a lake located in Kasprowicz Park in the Śródmieście district. Maybe not every visitor has heard about the lake itself, but everyone knows that in the park there is a bridge on which lovers hang padlocks symbolizing their relationship. Even without such important accents, it is worth going there, taking a walk along the alleys, seeing Teatr Letni im. Helena Majdaniec, the fountain and the Swan Island. There are two bridges on Rusalka, one is located on the island, one is in the Japanese style. For whom Rusałka is not enough, you can take a walk by the shore of Lake Szmaragdowe. This artificial body of water owes its name to the beautiful color of the water, and it is located in the area of ​​the Park Krajoznawacyjny. You can go for a short walk to the famous Wały Chrobrego. It is a promenade with a length of approx. 500 meters, located on a slope along the Odra River. It is also worth visiting the National Museum, the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle and the Cathedral of St. James, which can be seen from the main routes leading to the city center. The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle is one of the architectural symbols of the city. The Renaissance building rises on the Castle Hill and was the seat of the rulers of the Duchy of Pomerania. However, the castle is not only an architectural monument, but also a cultural center of Szczecin with many exhibitions and interesting music and theater events. Cultural date Those who focus on the development of film and music tastes during dates may decide to visit the Pionier Cinema or the Philharmonic. Mieczysław Karłowicz. The Pionier Cinema in Szczecin even held the Guinness Book of Records certificate for several years, confirming that it is the oldest operating cinema in the world. Unfortunately, over time it turned out that the older cinema is in Denmark. Nevertheless, there are currently two projection rooms in the cinema, including one small, decorated in a retro style, in which films are watched sitting at tables. There is a bar in the room, where you can buy a coffee or a glass of wine, and movies are played from an antique projector. The famous philharmonic hall has a completely different character. Famous not only for its activities, but also for the unusual shape of the building, resembling an iceberg. Szczecin residents are still arguing whether the modern look of the Philharmonic is worth admiring, so it's best to see it in person, both from the outside and the inside.

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