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Learn the history of Szczecin's fashion thanks to the Dana and Odra Museum!

The clatter of a needle in the sewing machine, the rustle of fabrics, the sniff of tailor's scissors, discussions of designers and the cheerful voices of seamstresses ... For several decades, the building of our hotel resounded with such sounds, and Szczecin was famous throughout Poland for the fashion that everyone wanted to wear! , women's dresses from Dana or jeans - "" odrzaki "" are now only a legend, but thanks to Mrs. Natalia Wąsik, the past of the Szczecin clothing factories has a chance to return - this time in museum display cases. has been creating successfully for many years!
Although a dozen or so years ago the production of clothes in our city was something obvious, today there are few souvenirs after this long and interesting chapter of history. The building of ZPO" "Odra" was demolished and in its place a shopping mall Kaskada was built, while our beautiful hotel It has been completely revitalized and does not remind of its former destiny. In recent weeks, we were all the more pleased to host Mrs. Natalia and her unusual exhibits - costumes with Dana and Odra labels, which we will soon see in the museum! The initiative is individual, although Mrs. Natalia can count on the support of both her relatives and people interested in the development of her project, and above all - witnesses of her fascinating history. In addition to hundreds of material exhibits, the collection will be made up of memories collected during dozens of conversations with plant employees. We also recommend an interesting interview recorded in our interiors, thanks to which you will get to know Mrs. Natalia better - here. The material about the Dana and Odra Museum was also prepared by TVP in cooperation with the Polish Press Agency. The photos were taken on the 1st floor of our hotel, formerly the office of Dana's director, Domicela Mazurkiewicz! We invite you to read it - here. In addition to providing space for sessions and interviews, we also managed to add our own small contribution to the collection of Mrs. Natalia. We handed over a colorful shirt with the Dana label - it's amazing that it was created several decades ago in our interiors and that it returned to them for a moment, to finally end up in the museum collection! We support the museum, and we encourage you to support this ambitious project! If you are interested in our city not only in terms of the history of fashion, check out our guide and discover interesting places in Szczecin!

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