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Polish cuisine. Where and what dishes are worth trying?

Polish cuisine is a mixture of the influences of other European cuisines and the nationalities inhabiting Polish lands. It is not fully defined, which in turn gives great opportunities to transform traditional Polish cuisine and adapt it to contemporary taste buds. What are the most popular Polish dishes and what are the characteristics of Polish food? ? We invite you for a short tour of the kitchens in different parts of our country!
What is the characteristic of Polish cuisine? It is commonly believed that traditional Polish cuisine is very full, but heavy and fatty. In fact, properly prepared Polish dishes can be incredibly healthy, tasty, and light. However, if you want to clearly classify Polish food, you need to bear in mind that Polish cuisine is very diverse depending on a specific region Traditional Polish cuisine is a combination of local traditions with the influences of nationalities living in the former Republic of Poland Polish cuisine is characterized by the influences of German or Jewish, as well as Ukrainian or Tatar-Turkish cuisine. At the same time, Polish cuisine leaves a great deal of room for chefs, who, drawing on traditional recipes for Polish dishes, can improve them so that, without losing Polish flavors, adapt them to the tastes of modern society. Thus, Polish dishes are largely based on cereals, mushrooms and forest fruits. The undisputed hero - apart from flour dishes - are all kinds of silage. The most popular Polish dishes: what reigns supreme in Polish homes? A traditional Polish dinner usually consists of two courses. The most popular Polish dishes that reign in our homes are undoubtedly dumplings - both sweet and persistent, dumplings with sauce, cabbage rolls and, to confuse the opponent - Greek-style fish. At this point, it is worth noting that typical Polish dishes may confuse us a bit with the name - Russian dumplings, baked beans or the aforementioned fish in Greek - all these are traditional Polish food. Here, it is also impossible to ignore the classic bigos, which is the unrivaled number one on the Polish menu. The list entitled "Polish cuisine" also includes a number of soups, without which many Poles cannot imagine a home dinner. Our tables are dominated by sour rye soup, cucumber or tomato soup, as well as the absolute hero - sauerkraut soup. Polish food regionally, i.e. the most famous regional dishes We mentioned earlier that the culture of particular regions also influences the shape of Polish cuisine. Depending on them, we can distinguish, for example, Silesian, Podhale, Kashubian, Podlasie or Pomeranian cuisine. For example - traditional Polish borderland cuisine is a cuisine famous mainly for potatoes. Russian dumplings or potato cake are dishes that must be on the menu of every tourist visiting these regions. Going to the south of the country, the most characteristic will be highlander cuisine, which does not exist without sauerkraut soup with ribs. Silesian cuisine is also clearly visible on the culinary map of Poland, which was largely shaped by the influences of Czech or German cuisine. It, in turn, is dominated by the iconic Silesian dumplings or pea soup. At the end, we left a rarity - Polish dishes reigning in Pomeranian cuisine. Here it is natural for the versatile use of fish, potatoes and mushrooms. It is worth noting that the traditional Polish Pomeranian cuisine also includes the Kashubian cuisine. So often on the tables are potato, turnip soup, refkacze or potato cake. Would you like to taste delicious Polish dishes that combine tradition with modernity? The chef's signature dishes, seasonal offer based on fresh products, Polish food that is a real feast for the palate, menu for the youngest and the most demanding guests - this is exactly the culinary journey that the restaurant in Szczecin at Hotel Dana will take you on. If you are looking for the best answer to the slogan: "restaurant - Polish cuisine" or "the best restaurant - Szczecin" - we are here for you. Polish dishes for Christmas, what are Polish Christmas dishes? Adequately to the season, it is worth mentioning the Christmas dishes of Polish cuisine. These, like the Polish menu, differ depending on the region. However, it is based on ingredients typical of Polish cuisine, and among the dishes that cannot be missed on the festive table we will find Christmas Eve borscht with dumplings, mushroom soup, carp, dumplings, patties with cabbage and mushrooms or dumplings with poppy seeds. Greek-style fish or herring in oil are also popular Christmas Eve dishes. As you can see, the list of 12 traditional Christmas Eve dishes can be really long. Why? Because in every Polish home, it undergoes a small metamorphosis dictated, among others, by a specific region of Poland.

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